Adam Woodhouse

Adam Woodhouse is a self-taught Illustrator & Digital Visualizer. His unique style and impeccable vector work really sets his portfolio apart from the rest.

Adrian Pelletier

Adrian Pelletier is a web design veteran and creator of Design Kindle. He enjoys creating attractive, intuitive websites and takes pride in writing clean, pragmatic code by hand. In his spare time, you'll find Adrian in the great outdoors or with family.

Alessio Atzeni

Alessio is a freelance web designer from Rome, Italy. His passion is XHTML, CSS and Javascript web development with an emphasis on accessibility and usability.

Alex Patrascu

Alex is a talented designer from Belgium with a knack for creating clean user interfaces and attractive logos.

Alexis Doreau

I'm a visual designer currently living in the beautiful city of Paris. I enjoy sketching, conceptualizing and designing simple and clean web interfaces. Stalk me on twitter @adoreau

Alvin Thong

Alvin is an incredibly talented icon and user interface designer. There's not much he can't create.

Andrew Knapp

Andrew is likely one of the most talented designers you'll come across in the web industry. His ability to be both creative and logical is an unstoppable combination when creating intelligent websites and apps.

Asher Abbasi

Asher a student and a pixel-addict. He designs icons and user interfaces for mobile and web applications.

Caleb Kimbrough

When it comes to texture resources, Caleb is a name well known among many designers. Aside from making the textures, he also creates content for design blogs and magazines around the world.

Charlie Belvin

Charlie is a fitness trainer by day, illustrator by night. He also wears one of the best mustaches you've ever seen.

Charlie Isslander

Charlie is a young and modern graphic designer with strong education and high-end skills. Creativity and style are some of the most common features in his work.

Facundo Gonzalez

Facundo is a web and UI designer from Argentina. His smooth style is evident is is clean icon work and interface work.

Gustavo Cramez

Gustavo is a Portuguese Digital and UI&UX Designer. He also does freelance work and as a hobby he loves to make personal projects. He considers himself an artist because he loves to work in all design fields.

Jan Dvořák

I am 23 years old designer from the Czech Republic currently working for Abdoc. I love pixel-awesomeness and am available for freelance work.

Joachim Löfstedt

Joachim Löfstedt is a 23 year old web and graphics designer from the southern parts of Sweden.


Adrian Pelletier is a web design veteran and creator of Design Kindle. He enjoys creating attractive, intuitive websites and takes pride in writing clean, pragmatic code by hand. In his spare time, you'll find Adrian in the great outdoors or with family.

Kreativa Studio

Kreativa Studio is an award winning web design and development studio specializing in flash development and unique layout design.

Kyle Haapala

Kyle is a Canadian based graphic designer and has done a lot of work for TTC Creative Communication. He also has a very fun nature and is great at handling clients.

Marcin Palka

Marcin Palka is a 24-year old webdesigner and front-end developer from Poland - Szczecin. Big football fan and video games player.

Matthew Daniels

Matthew is a jack-of-all-trades with keen eye for photography and amazing design skills. His UI and vector work is remarkably good.

Michael Stezycki

Michael is 19-year-old freelance web designer, interested in travelling the world and eating ice cream. His clean, uncluttered style really makes his work stand out above the rest.

Mikael Eidenberg

Mikael Eidenberg is a self taught Graphic designer and 3d artist from Sweden. Except from creating visual things, he loves to spend time with his family, cooking, electronic music and having a cold beer in the summer.

Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan is a UI/UX Designer, Expert in creating awesome mobile Apps and Web Designs, and creates .psd freebies just for the love of it. He recently created Mobile and Web UI freebie to make the life easier for the fresh designers see his work on and on

Monsters Lab

Monsters'Lab is a creative multimedia agency based in Brussels and built by four multimedia professionals, each specialized in several areas.


PixelKit is home to a range of high quality UI kits and icon packs. The quality of their designs is second to none.

Pranav Pramod

Pranav is a young icon and UI designer from India. His attention to detail and icon skills are simply stunning.

Prekesh Chavda

Prekesh is a student from Loughborough and master of Icons, UI design and illustration. He's also a science fiction fan, fighting game player and Star Wars fanboy.

Renan Oliveira

I'm a creative from Brazil. I am working with motion design and graphic design freelancer. I am very interested in UI/UX and looking for new challenges in your career.

Riki Tanone

Cupcake lover. Mousecraft artisan. In his own words, "I put as much effort into design as Sam Gamgee puts into his veggie garden. I can make Mount Doom look inviting."

Rob Dozier

Rob is a passionate 20-year-old website designer, basketball fan, and a video game noob.

Rulsan Dzhumaev

My name is Rulsan Dzhumaev and I'm a freelance web-designer. I make websites and try to start my own it-company in Moscow, Russia. Sometimes I post freebies on Behance.

Sarah Pelletier

Sarah is a jill-of-all-trades and wife of Adrian Pelletier, the creator of Design Kindle. When not busy following her own career path, she helps out by creating texture packs and other design files.

Sebastien Gabriel

A french UI designer based in San Francisco and working for Google. Sebastien also blogs, dribbbles, and creates .psd freebies just for the love of it.

Simon Gustavsson

Simon is interested in design, art, illustration, and photography. He's also one of the best icon designers around.

Susumu Yoshida

Japan based Susumu creates awe inspiring icons. He's designed just about everything, including cute teddy bears and a VW bus.

Thomas Bossée

Thomas is the Creative Director of Bits of Love, a freelance logo designer, and part-time brand identity developer from Belgium.

Tomas Bartko

Tomas enjoys creating beautiful websites, icons and graphics for Mac and iPhone applications.

Umar Irshad

Umar is a 23-year-old self-taught graphic designer currently working as a freelance icon, UI and web designer. When not designing, he's playing games or spending my time hanging out with friends.

Victor Erixon

Sometimes a Salsa Dancer, sometimes a Designer. Always good at both.

Victor Ingman

My name is Victor and I'm 18 years old, doing my last year in a swedish high school focused on engineering. I'm interested in everything that is connected to computing, including design, network, programming and the hardware. If you're curious of what I could do for you (programming, design etc), just send me a mail, I won't bite. If you're curious to see what else I've created, just look for the username xeloader when you're out surfing the web.

Virgil Pana

Freelance designer, specialized in UX/UI design, mobile apps and website design.

Visual Idiot

Visual Idiot is actually rather intelligent, and quite skilled when it comes to UI design.


I specialize mainly in creating websites and mobile interfaces, but my favourite platform is wordpress

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